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Camex have been specialising in private and commercial drainage since 2008. Camex are highly regarded as a provider of our services to councils, construction companies and other civil contractors alike.

We specialise at laying all types of pipe including concrete, PVC, Clay, MDPE, HDPE, hobass, fibreglass and concrete lined steel.

Our specialist team can lay at depths in excess of 6 metres and are experienced in controlling high water tables by means of dewatering.

From small residential connections to specialised networks our team can provide a high-quality solution to your drainage requirement.
Camex Civil - Sewer, Stormwater and Water Retic
Camex Civil - Sewer, Stormwater and Water Retic

Services offered Include

  • Pot holing and investigations
  • Mains Service Connections
  • Septic tank installations
  • Hydro excavations
  • Directional drilling
  • PE Pipe fusion welding
  • Fabrication of specialist componentry
  • Over pumping
  • Contaminated waste removal
  • Pump stations


If you would like to discover how we can successfully assist you in all your civil construction and drainage projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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