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Latest Projects


2020 - Ecogas Reporoa

Camex are involved in the Earthworks, Ground improvement and the excavation of the placement of fill for the Ecogas Reporoa Anaerobic Digester Facility. These siteworks are to provide the platform for the development, fencing, roading access...

2020 - Dixon, Northview Stage 1, Ohaupo Road

Earthworks including 15,000M3 topsoil strip, 90,000M3 cut to fill, 50,000 cut to waste, 3 sediment retention ponds, Floc systems, 1400m2 of timber crib, MSE Duramesh and timber SED retaining walls.

2020 - Cambridge Jockey Club

Earthworks including 11,000M3 Cut to Fill, 8,000M3 Cut to waste and trim to subgrade for 32,000M2 for pavement.
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Latest Projects

Earthworks with Retaining Walls

2020 - TDC Acacia Bay Retaining Walls

Involved construction of six timber cribs, steel post and MSE Duramesh retaining wall in Acacia Bay Road and Willy Terrace alongside Lake Taupo.

2019 - 2020 Rangiura Village & Rest Home Expansion

Includes construction of 700m2 of 175mm to 275mm SED timber retaining walls.

2018 - Waikato Freight Hub

Earthworks with excavations up to 12m deep, importation of 45,000M3 of sand and construction of MSE Duramesh retaining walls over 10m high in preparation for pavement construction.
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Latest Projects

Civil Site Works

2019-2020 - BIL/ APL Buildings Cambridge

Siteworks for 400,000 M2 BIL Building No.1 in Cambridge. Project involved earthworks, 3-waters infrastructure, pavement construction and carpark areas.

2020 - Alpha Street Development

Construction of Civil Site works for new development at 86 Alpha Street. Site Clearance and excavation at 1 meter deep. Ground Improvements including sheet piling.

2019 - Fletcher Construction/Braemar Hospital

Construction of a new car park extension, including a significant import of fill, storm water system and pavement construction.
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Latest Projects

3-Waters Infrastructure

2020 - WDC - Waipa Watermain Replacements

Upgrade and renewal of the Te Awamutu, Kihikihi and Cambridge waterlines. Various size PE pipe installation including 63mmØ rider main, DN 250, DN 315 principal main across nine different sites.

2020 - ODC - Mountain View Sewer Replacement Otorohanga

Involves replacing 330m of existing DN 100 gravity sewer line with new DN 150 PVC gravity sewer main and associated access chambers, connecting to existing lines.

2020 - WDC - Waipa District Wide Stormwater Renewals

Involves replacement of existing stormwater pipelines, catch-pits, manholes and relining of existing pipeline using spiral wound PVC lining.
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Latest Projects


2020 - MPDC - Matamata Harding Road & Matipo St PRV

Installation and commissioning of two pressure relief valves on Matamata’s main water supply line - a critical asset connected to a live system.

2020 - TDC - Turangi WWTP Inlet Screen Upgrade

Facility Works Upgrade on inlet screen and associated facility works under very tight time frames – a critical asset connected to a live system.

2019 - Raglan & Te Kauwhata Step Screen Installation

This project involved installation of a primary influent screens at both the Raglan and Te Kauwhata Waste Water Treatment Plants. The Te Kauwhata screen involved replacment of the existing screen on its original plinth, while the Raglan...
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Latest Projects


2019 - 2020 - Pukekura Subdivision

Large scale project with significant 21,800m2 of flexible Pavement construction within a residential development.

2020 - WDC - Williamson Street Streetscape Upgrade

Pavement rehabilitation contract 1km long including new footpaths, parking bays, kerb and channel and significant street scape elements.

2020 - TDC/ Taupo Great Lake Pathways

Construction of 4km of new concrete pathways around Lake Taupo. Project includes extensive rock reclamations and streetscape.
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Latest Projects


2020 – Mountain View Taupri Stage 2

Constructing all civil works for a residential subdivision. This included earthworks, three-waters infrastructure including 620m of stormwater upto DN 675 RCRRJ Pipework and DN 2400 manholes, stormwater retention pond and outlet with reno rock mattresses...

2019 - Transland subdivision Swayne Road Cambridge

Involved constructing civil works for a greenfields residential subdivision including earthworks, pump station construction and commissioning, deep trenching and drain laying, water reticulation, wastewater rising mains, carriageway construction, supervision of additional subcontractors and utility installers.

2019 - Longlands Retirement Village

Involved constructing civil works for a greenfields lifestyle village, including earthworks of 80,000m3 of cut to fill, stormwater retention pond, stormwater and sanitary sewer covering over 220 lots, 250mm dia PVC water line, plus rider mains, valving and lot connections.

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