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Rural Drainage, Farm Tracks and Entranceways are one of our specialities,
with hundreds of entrances to great properties put in by our team over the years.

Camex started back in 1998 as a one man band specialising in rural drainage, we retain personnel dedicated to servicing the needs of our loyal rural customers.

We have a thorough understanding of farm operations, with the right resources we can construct your rural drainage, farm tracks and entranceways to a high standard and as cost effectively as possible.
Camex Civil - Rural Drainage and Entranceways
Camex Civil - Rural Drainage and Entranceways

Services Offered Include

  • Expect advice and experience
  • Site Setout
  • Site clearance and excavation
  • Subsoil drainage
  • Open-drain construction and maintenance
  • Entrance stabilisation
  • Farm track development and maintenance
  • Aggregate importation and placement
  • Concrete work and kerbing
  • Surfacing, including chip sealing and asphaltic concreting


If you would like to discover how we can successfully assist you in all your civil construction and drainage projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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