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2020 – Mountain View Taupri Stage 2

Constructing all civil works for a residential subdivision. This included earthworks, three-waters infrastructure including 620m of stormwater upto DN 675 RCRRJ Pipework and DN 2400 manholes, stormwater retention pond and outlet with reno rock mattresses...

2019 - Transland subdivision Swayne Road Cambridge

Involved constructing civil works for a greenfields residential subdivision including earthworks, pump station construction and commissioning, deep trenching and drain laying, water reticulation, wastewater rising mains, carriageway construction, supervision of additional subcontractors and utility installers.

2019 - Longlands Retirement Village

Involved constructing civil works for a greenfields lifestyle village, including earthworks of 80,000m3 of cut to fill, stormwater retention pond, stormwater and sanitary sewer covering over 220 lots, 250mm dia PVC water line, plus rider mains, valving and lot connections.

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