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2020 - TDC Acacia Bay Retaining Walls

Involved construction of six timber cribs, steel post and MSE Duramesh retaining wall in Acacia Bay Road and Willy Terrace alongside Lake Taupo.

2019 - 2020 Rangiura Village & Rest Home Expansion

Includes construction of 700m2 of 175mm to 275mm SED timber retaining walls.

2018 - Waikato Freight Hub

Earthworks with excavations up to 12m deep, importation of 45,000M3 of sand and construction of MSE Duramesh retaining walls over 10m high in preparation for pavement construction.

2019 - WDC - Settlers Track Slip Repairs

Involved slip repair works and construction of new timber post retaining walls, along the settler’s track walking track which runs aside the Waikato river.

2018 - Dixon Heights Residential Subdivision Development Stage 1

Involved construction of timber SED retaining wall structures, with deep footings of up to 4.5m.

2018 - WDHB - Onelink

Involved construction of an MSE Duramesh reinforced retaining wall 120m long, with 3m deep subgrade excavation. Challenging ground conditions due to soft subgrade and large volumes of ground water.

2017 - Dairy Goat Shed

Ground improvements involved 130 meters of 7 metre sheet piles as a temporary structure to hold the buildings whilst the excavations were made.

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