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2021 - Tauhara Ridge Watermain and Five Mile Bay Reticulation

Watermain installation of the Tauhara Ridge Water Main along the East Taupō Arterial (ETA) – State Highway 1 (SH1)...

2020 - Hawai Street, Two Mile Bay Boat Ramp, Turanga Place Stormwater Defenders

Stormwater upgrades involved installation of Stormwater Downstream Defenders in the larger catchment areas in the Taupo District.

2020 - WDC - Waipa Watermain Replacements

Upgrade and renewal of the Te Awamutu, Kihikihi and Cambridge waterlines. Various size PE pipe installation including 63mmØ rider main, DN 250, DN 315 principal main across nine different sites.

2020 - ODC - Mountain View Sewer Replacement Otorohanga

Involves replacing 330m of existing DN 100 gravity sewer line with new DN 150 PVC gravity sewer main and associated access chambers, connecting to existing lines.

2020 - WDC - Waipa District Wide Stormwater Renewals

Involves replacement of existing stormwater pipelines, catch-pits, manholes and relining of existing pipeline using spiral wound PVC lining.

2020 - Longlands Retirement Village - Pump Station

3-Waters Infrastructure for 220 Lot retirement village, included Supply and Installation of a 7-meter deep sewer rising main pump station within the Longlands retirement village development.

2019 - 2020 - MPDC - Morrinsville Watermain Replacements

Upgrade and renewal of the Morrinsville waterlines. Various size PE pipe installation including DN 63 rider main, DN 180 principal main across ten different sites.

2019 - Fulton Hogan - Cobham Drive/Wairere Drive Interchange

Stormwater installation (as Sub-Contractor to Fulton Hogan) on the Cobham Dr/Wairere Dr Interchange , Including deep excavations and 50+ manholes up to DN 2550 and 3km of stormwater pipes up to DN 900.

2018 - HEP City Edge Alliance for Waikato Expressway Project

Stormwater installation as Sub-Contractor to City Edge Alliance on part of the Waikato Expressway project. Involves some 12KM+ of up to DIN 1350 deep drain laying.

2019 - WDC - Waipa Watermeter Installations

Involved upgrade and renewal of various water meter connections for both residential and commercial connections across the Waipa network. Significant stakeholder engagement.

2019 - WBOP Te Puke Stormwater Upgrade

Stormwater upgrades in Stewart Street and Queen Street included replacement of existing stormwater pipelines, catch pits and manholes and installation of 60 metres of pipe; sump leads, manholes, catch pits and concrete sumps.

2018 - Ohaupo Bridge

Involved construction of 4M diameter arch culvert. Involved ground improvements – 47 x 13m long piles, capping beams 1m x 1m reinforced concrete with tie-in to culvert structure.
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