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Camex Civil wants to be a business leader and is committed to reducing its impact on the environment, and to look for ways to positively regenerate the planet as a result of our impact.

We recognise this means assessing and adjusting our business and operational practices across our organisation. We look for opportunities to contribute to the circular economy through our practices and support the mitigation of carbon emissions as well as helping communities to be more resilient as a result of our work. Put simply, Camex Civil is committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment. It’s how we think business leadership should be.

It is critical to ensure waterways are protected from pollutants, including remaining free from sediment. An important aspect of our training for our teams includes Erosion and Sediment protection, protection of the ecosystem and training to ensure compliance with both our standard processes carefully and contract specific requirements as outlined in the CMP, ESCP and ITP requirements.

Camex is working towards ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management accreditation and plan to achieve certification by Q3 2021
Camex Civil - About Us - Environmental Commitment


Our project team is highly proficient in developing project specific Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (ESCP) which are implemented to ensure correct installation, commissioning and monitoring of environmental controls and compliance with resource consent requirements.

We take a collaborative approach with our customers and their respective consultant engineers and are always open to your suggestions or ideas to ensure ongoing compliance with regulations. We are continually embracing innovative solutions and taking new steps of improvement.

A large number of sensitive projects have been successfully completed under the watchful eye of Environment Waikato, Environment BOP and Auckland Regional Council.


We believe that through embracing diversity and supporting people from where they are, we can develop a work environment where staff experience security and a sense of familial devotion.

Our aim is to assess barriers to equal employment opportunity faced by diverse groups and implement practicable mitigation of these barriers to ensure fair treatment for all current or prospective staff. Thereby, we strive to support all staff to identify and fulfil their development goals for advancement of economic and social wellbeing for the individual and company.


Camex are committed to making a positive impact in the communities we work within and a real difference to our sustainable future for future generations to come. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Plan (CSR) provides a framework which Camex will operate within to enhance society and the environment we work within.
Topics our CSR covers include.
  • Building diversity and equity into our purchasing policies, to ensure sustainable community outcomes.
  • Employing and building skills within the local workforce and providing career advancement opportunities which address skill shortages and build long term capability for the local community.
  • Water saving initiatives and responsible use of water during our operations
  • Ensuring waterways are protected from pollutants, including remaining free from sediment
  • We apply innovation to Design and Construction Methodologies, especially to larger projects, to reduce waste.
  • Management of risks and training to ensure protection of the Ecosystems we are working in.
  • Ensuring we leave the Ecosystem in the same or better condition than we found it
  • Partnering with local community groups to locally source native seeds and plants where required
  • Monitoring and reduction of our Carbon Footprint.

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