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Camex operates a simple flat management structure, which means we have high levels of accountability, internal communication, and co-operation. This simple structure is the reason we are efficient and effective at delivering projects for our customers with minimum risk.

We have robust and proven management systems for all aspects of our business. Within the engine-room of our operations we use Corecon an industry specific project management software which enables us to track the performance of our projects, while also providing efficient cost management reporting, communication which is both timely, effective and client friendly project claim reports.

Our Site teams utilise the iAUDITOR system to complete their daily documentation, including toolbox documentation, reporting and any incidents on a real time basis.

Health & Safety

Our focus on health and safety is very strong, and we are fully committed to instilling those virtues into every member of our team. We are deeply committed to ensuring that all staff, contractors and visitors are able to attend, work or visit and leave our workplaces safe and healthy and in a condition equal to or better than when they first arrived.

Our directors and managers are all fully committed to Health and Safety in the workplace. We understand and are committed to ‘shared responsibility’ especially where there are overlapping duties as required under the new HASAW Act.

We pride ourselves in having a NO BLAME culture whereby all staff feel comfortable and confident reporting all incidents and having open discussions on hazards and risks in the workplace.

We pride ourselves in being SHE and Sitewise approved (Local Authority Contractor Pre- Qualification) and earlier also qualifying for ACC Secondary Accreditation, to help us promote zero harm.

Our Health and Safety programme complies fully with the HSAW Act 2015. We are currently working towards ISO45001 accreditation, our plan is to reach certification by Q1 2021.


At Camex Civil we are committed to upholding our motto of “Excellence - what we do every day when no one else is looking” making quality a way of life. Camex has an extensive quality management system which is used as the framework for our day to day business operations and the pillar for our process of on-going improvement. This system includes nonconformance and continual improvement objectives. Our Quality Management System is designed to meet or exceed AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016 with a goal to achieve certification by Q1 2021.

Upon Contract award each project has a Quality Contract Management Plan (CMP) and where applicable Inspection and Test Plan (ITP). This is written by our Independent Quality Manager and Contracts Management team based on the framework within our Quality Management System and that aligns itself with the specific contract specifications and consent, local body requirements and respective regulatory requirements. These will outline the methodology for construction, testing and documentation. Procedures for handling and documenting non – conforming work are clearly defined.


  • Comprehensive Public Liability Insurance
  • Contract Works Insurance
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

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