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Camex have completed over 20 subdivisions of 40 lots or more in the last 2 years. Whether you are subdividing your back section for a single residential dwelling or are a developer working on a multi-lot subdivision development we have the expertise, experience and equipment to successfully deliver your project.

Many of the projects are for repeat customers, demonstrating the high
degree of client satisfaction achieved. We offer a turnkey solution to get your subdivision from bare land to building pad preparation including, earthworks, retaining walls, sewer, stormwater, services, concrete works, surfacing and landscaping.

Our team have over 30 years of experience and utilise the most innovative products and systems. We can work in conjunction with your engineer and architects to provide the best and most cost effective solution to any civil structural project.
Camex Civil - Services - Subdivisions
Camex Civil - Services - Subdivisions

Services Include

  • Site Clearance and Demolition
  • Environmental Protection
  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Retaining Walls
  • 3-Waters Infrastructure
  • Reticulation networks
  • Trenching and Management of all utility service installations
  • Concrete works, kerbing and pathways
  • Road making, Asphalting, Concrete Works, Right of Ways
  • Streetscape, Landscaping and Grass Seeding
  • Council Signage

I have been acting as engineer to the contract for a residential development in Hamilton that has been progressing over the last 3 construction seasons.
Overall I have been very impressed with Camex’s performance and am willing to recommend them as a contractor for similar scale development projects. Of the larger contractors that I have dealt with, I tend to find them more relationship oriented and more inclined to work collaboratively to achieve best outcomes for the principal. By and large I have tended to enjoy working with them more than many other contractors I have been involved with.

I struggle to fault them for their health and safety performance. In nearly 3 years on this project they haven’t had any significant incidents of note. This is quite an achievement considering the work has involved some technical challenges including earthworks directly under low powerlines and drainlaying in a live collector road. In each of these cases they have used plant appropriate to the task to minimise risk and followed correct process in terms of notifications and standovers etc. We have also faced the unexpected discovery of asbestos on the site and they have followed correct process right through that journey.

Project Manager
Leading Waikato Land Development Firm

Recent projects

2020 – Mountain View Taupri Stage 2

Constructing all civil works for a residential subdivision. This included earthworks, three-waters infrastructure including 620m of stormwater upto DN 675 RCRRJ Pipework and DN 2400 manholes, stormwater retention pond and outlet with reno rock mattresses...

2019 - Transland subdivision Swayne Road Cambridge

Involved constructing civil works for a greenfields residential subdivision including earthworks, pump station construction and commissioning, deep trenching and drain laying, water reticulation, wastewater rising mains, carriageway construction, supervision of additional subcontractors and utility installers.

2019 - Longlands Retirement Village

Involved constructing civil works for a greenfields lifestyle village, including earthworks of 80,000m3 of cut to fill, stormwater retention pond, stormwater and sanitary sewer covering over 220 lots, 250mm dia PVC water line, plus rider mains, valving and lot connections.
Project Name/ Lots
Longlands Matamata – 120 lot subdivision
Aug 2020
Fairview Estate Subdivision, 24 lot subdivision
Aug 2020
Haultain Street, 75 lot subdivision
Jul 2020
Cabourne View - Dixon Rd, 75 lot subdivision
Jun 2020
Rangiura Rest Home, 35 lot subdivision for rest home
May 2020
BIL Industrial Precinct, 5 lot industrial subdivision for APL
Apr 2020
Ohaupo Road - Northview Dixon, 120 lot subdivision – Preliminary Earthworks
Mar 2020
Parkwood Stage 6D & 6E, 46 lot subdivision
Feb 2020
Pukekura Stage 3, 54 lot subdivision
Jan 2020
Landell Place Subdivision, 8 lot subdivision
Jan 2020
Taupiri Mountain View, 25 lot subdivision
Dec 2019
Dixon Heights Stage 3 – 150 lot subdivision
Oct 2019
Transland Stage 2 – 43 lot subdivision
Sept 2019
Pukekura - Stage 2 – 27 lot subdivision Rotorangi - Primary Enterprises
Aug 2019
Murphys Lane Stage 2 – Taupiri – 7 lot subdivision
Aug 2019
Parkwood Stage 6B & 6E – 57 lot subdivision
Jun 2019
Banks Road - Stage 2 – 31 lot subdivision
Jun 2019
Pickering Estate Subdivision – 30 lot subdivision
Apr 2019
Murphys Lane - Taupiri– 8 lot subdivision
Kelly Rd Extension – 7 lot subdivision
Project Name/ Lots
Jutland Rd Subdivision – Pukekohe – 17 lot subdivision
Titanium Park - Subdivision Stage 1, 2 & 3 – 22 lot subdivision
Titanium Western Precinct– 25 lot subdivision
Carnation Court Subdivision – 52 lot subdivision
Dec 2018
Swayne Park Subdivision – 59 lot subdivision
Dec 2018
Nettro Developments - Jellico Rd– 50 lot subdivision
Nov 2018
Rolleston Street Subdivision – 7 lot subdivision
Nov 2018
Highview Properties, – 7 lot subdivision/ Charles Edwards St, Ohaupo
Jul 2018
Azimuth Subdivision – Tairua – 17 lot subdivision
Jul 2018
Frank Cooper Subdivision – 6 lot subdivision St Ledger Rd
Jul 2018
35 Banks Street Subdivision – 23 lot subdivision
Jun 2018
Titanium Central – 12 lot subdivision
Apr 2018
Parkwood - Stage 6A – 22 lot subdivision
Apr 2018
Bupa - St Kilda – 38 lot subdivision
Feb 2018
Landon Park - Stage 2 – 15 lot subdivision
Whitmore Subdivision – 16 lot subdivision
Mars Park - 438 Peake Rd – 12 lot subdivision
Landon Park - Victoria Road – 26 lot subdivision
Transland - 95 Swayne Road – 23 lot subdivision
Jul 2015
Lauriston Park - Goldsmith St – 21 lot subdivision

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