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Camex have specialist expertise in construction and maintenance of process infrastructure such as wastewater and water treatment assets, water storage and the like.

Recent projects include WWTP Inlet Screen upgrades, WWTP pond upgrades, Step screen installations, Sewer rising main pump station installations, PRV Installations and Water storage tank installations.

Our management team have extensive experience in local council asset and plant management. We are well aware of the rigorous requirements for working within a live process plant and have developed robust ITP’s to adhere to relevant lockout procedures and ensure that safety and uninterrupted supply is maintained at all times.
Camex Civil - Services - Process
Camex Civil - Services - Process

Services Include

  • WWTP Plant Upgrades
  • WWTP Pond Updates
  • Step Screen Installation
  • Inlet Screen Upgrades
  • Water Storage tank installation, concrete and epoxy over steel
  • Water Tank structural strengthening
  • Water Treatment Plant updates
  • Network inspection and scoring
  • Other process plant and associated works

Camex are more than our contractor, they are our partner. They are an integral part of our development team and always have a can do approach, no matter how curly the request is. There is a reason we never go to market for our civil development projects. The whole team from management through to the guys on the ground have a very strong client centric focus and always deliver ahead of programme, on or under budget and most importantly, safely.

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Recent projects

2021 - Scott Road Water Reticulation

Water Treatment plant upgrade at Scott Road Water Treatment plant involved upgrades to the town water supply with installation of new DN180 PE pipeline connection...

2020 - MPDC - Matamata Harding Road & Matipo St PRV

Installation and commissioning of two pressure relief valves on Matamata’s main water supply line - a critical asset connected to a live system.

2020 - TDC - Turangi WWTP Inlet Screen Upgrade

Facility Works Upgrade on inlet screen and associated facility works under very tight time frames – a critical asset connected to a live system.

2019 - Raglan & Te Kauwhata Step Screen Installation

This project involved installation of a primary influent screens at both the Raglan and Te Kauwhata Waste Water Treatment Plants. The Te Kauwhata screen involved replacment of the existing screen on its original plinth, while the Raglan...

2019 - Hauraki District Council - Ngatea North Subdivision Stage 2 Pump Station

Design and build of Waterwater pump station for the district expansion in Ngatea. Technical design and installation completed to RITS standards.

2019 - Naylor Love/ WDC/ Cambridge Pool Project

Extensive water reticulation within a new community facility, including some 13km of desludge, backwash and various pipework.

2019 - 2020 - WBOP - Katikati WWTP Inlet Screen Upgrade

Upgrade and installation of a new step screen, modifications to the inlet structure, flow meter install and construction of a new operator’s office and storage building.

2018 - WDC - Te Awamutu Wastewater Pond Upgrade

Bulk Storage Tank Installation, including formwork and concrete foundations for epoxy over steel storage tank installation.

2017 - Azmituth Subdivision, Tirua - Coromandel - Water Reservoir 200ML

Water reservoir construction involved submitting an alternative design for epoxy over steel design to save costs. Construction of booster pump station.

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