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Consult / Professional Services

Camex always take collaborative and solutions-oriented approach to working with local businesses, suppliers and clients alike.

We are specialised in providing innovative cost-effective design solutions to manage costs for any civil construction project. If a project is deemed not feasible, let us help you bring it back by finding changes that could save you thousands of dollars!

This includes ECI and design/build type projects, with our practical experience in modern construction methods and a proven track record of working with clients and key stakeholders to mitigate challenges involved in working in complex environments.

We have provided design change and cost-effective alternatives for many projects over the past 20 years. We have a strong in-house management team including civil engineers and highly experienced project management staff. We incorporate where possible temp and permanent works to save double ups.
We don’t take shortcuts!
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We can redesign or provide alternative methodology and design suggestions for your project to remove risk, save costs and to provide the best result through our experience and expertise.

Services Include

  • Project Management
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Hi-Level Survey and Design
  • Design and Build Proposals
  • Value Engineering Proposals
  • Early Contractor Involvement type projects
  • Joint Proposals

I have watched Camex grow over the years and was really keen to be involved with you guys to see how you work. I have been impressed with your approach to projects, especially from management staff. Camex appears to have great leadership and I really enjoy your honest approach. I can tell you're striving to be the best in your field and I wish you all the best in achieving it.

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