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2020 - Ecogas Reporoa

Camex are involved in the Earthworks, Ground improvement and the excavation of the placement of fill for the Ecogas Reporoa Anaerobic Digester Facility. These siteworks are to provide the platform for the development, fencing, roading access...

2020 - Dixon, Northview Stage 1, Ohaupo Road

Earthworks including 15,000M3 topsoil strip, 90,000M3 cut to fill, 50,000 cut to waste, 3 sediment retention ponds, Floc systems, 1400m2 of timber crib, MSE Duramesh and timber SED retaining walls.

2020 - Cambridge Jockey Club

Earthworks including 11,000M3 Cut to Fill, 8,000M3 Cut to waste and trim to subgrade for 32,000M2 for pavement.

2019 - 2020 Brian Perry Civil/ Waikato Freight Hub at Kohia Drive and Wetlands

Earthworks including significant wetlands dewatering and desludging. 16,000M3 of imported fill, drainage and associated works.

2019 - Longlands Retirement Village Matamata

Earthworks including 80,000M3 Cut to Fill. Largest Triton stormwater retention pond in the southern hemisphere using the Triton system.

2019 - Titanium South Precinct, Hamilton Airport

Earthworks including 35,000M3 topsoil strip, 70,000M3 cut to fill, 50,000M3 cut to waste.

2017 - Titanium Park West Precinct, Hamilton Airport

Earthworks including 30,000M3 topsoil strip, 120,000M3 cut to fill. Due to time constraints multiple shifts worked 24-hours around the clock.

2018 - Dixon Heights Residential Subdivision Development Stage 1

Earthworks including 11,000M3 topsoil strip and 13,000M3 cut to fill. This was the first of multiple stages completed on this site.

2018 - Te Awamutu Wastewater Treatment Plant Pond Upgrade

Te Awamutu Earthworks including 60,000M3 cut to fill, 20,000M3 imported hard Fill, installation of a bentonite liner.

2017 - Azimuth Subdivision - Tirua Coromandel

(Sub-contractor to Fulton Hogan). Earthworks through gully with cuts up to 16m deep including 6,500M3 topsoil strip and 88,000M3 cut to fill.

2016 - Fonterra Morrinsville

(Sub-contractor to Fulton Hogan). Earthworks including 22,000M3 cut to fill with excavations up to 5m deep in gully and importation and placement of 5,000M3 special clay fill liner.

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