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Ending the week on a positive

February 23, 2021

What a way to end the week on a positive note.. Well done to our Camex team working hard on upgrading the Stormwater on Kihikihi Road for Waipa District Council. Keeping the communities safety at the forefront and going above and beyond for our valued clients.. It's not an easy task keeping everyone happy but the job has to get done - this goes to show common courtesy goes a long way....

"I wanted to send a message regarding the gang of men you have on this site. I have been watching their conduct, attitude, camaraderie and effort they have all put into this job.

This job has been an incredible inconvenience to our household and the neighbouring properties, however, the men have been polite, friendly, considerate and helpful. They have stopped traffic so we can come in and out of our driveway, brought our wheelie bin up to the gate, we live down a driveway back from the road. The have also helped my kids across Kihikihi road because of the cones and backed up traffic. And I have even seen them helping the elderly and children when the cones have to be on the footpath.

I wanted to pass this along as we all to often see negative comments on Social media and people tend to forget to compliment effort where it is due.

Even though this job has been a huge inconvenience especially with having to park blocks away from my home so I can go and do errands the men have been so considerate to all of my household and I wanted your company to know we appreciate their efforts to make this all easier on the residents.

Keep doing what you do your staff appear very happy and content with their work.

Kind regards,
Anonymous "


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