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Camex Team Update and a Snarler

August 15, 2019

On the first Wednesday of every month, the whole Camex team meets at the yard at 6.30am for a Health & Safety update, a business/workload update and of course, a hot BBQ breakfast.

We recognise the importance of involving all members of the team in the business and this is a prime opportunity for everyone to get together, share how their jobs are going, bring up any struggles they’re having and be updated on the latest developments in H&S and Camex as a whole.

These breakfasts are also a time to recognise site achievements. Before the breakfasts, all sites are rated on their H&S, job performance and culture amongst other things to determine a winner. Every Camex personnel on that site is then given a $50 Countdown voucher to acknowledge the work they’ve done in achieving the site win.

It’s a great team challenge and keeps everyone on their toes!


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