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Camex Civil are committed to the move towards being Carbon Neutral. Camex Civil is committed to setting our sights on carbon neutrality. This is a medium-term goal for us, and we realise we have work to do to measure, reduce and offset our emissions.
We have taken the first steps towards this, by:
  • Completing our Scope 1 and 2 emissions profile, as shown in Table 1.
  • Completing a materiality assessment of our scope 3 emissions and measuring these.
  • Have a third-party audit of our emissions profile to CEMARS level provided accuracy of our reporting process to ensure it is robust
  • Our full emissions profile (Scope 1-3) and our reduction targets, will be included in our Annual Report YE 31/03/2021
  • Initiating, executing, measuring and monitoring carbon saving measures across our operations. This covers items from stationary and electrical supplies to trucks and fleet vehicles.
Improving our data collection and reporting our emissions regularly, as well as carrying out a materiality assessment of Scope 3 emissions, will ensure that we
can easily report our project based emissions through our client on a timely basis, assisting in meeting any reporting requirement. Seeking third party assessment with CEMARS certification will ensure this is robust and reliable. In order to reduce our emissions, here is our plan:
Table 1 – Carbon Emissions Scope 1 and Scope 2 YE 31/03/2020
Total 1551.44 tCO2e

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