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Thanks to our management team for all the hard work behind the scenes on our COVID back to work plan. It’s lunchtime on Tuesday the 28th April and our teams are back doing what they do best, with appropriate social distancing. Photo of one of our three-waters teams in action this morning.

In recent weeks, the New Zealand government has imposed a 4wk lockdown in response to the Covid19 fight of flattening the curve.

This shutdown took its toll on everyone in different ways and the caring family management team at the front of Camex wanted to help their employees in whatever little way they could. So, in week 2 of lockdown, director Jon Brewer and his helper delivered a meat and vegetable pack to all the ground staff at Camex to lighten their lives.

However, not all staff were in a safe travelling distance, but we didn’t want them to miss out. Instead, they all got sent Countdown grocery cards in the mail to the same value as the food box. This way they could stock up on all their favourite meats and vegetables to help get them through.
We trust this food helped to fill your lives and bellies in some way!

We’re on Lock down and parked up.. But working harder than ever behind the scenes to be stronger on the other side!! Kia Kaha New Zealand

Photo shows some of our machines parked up at BIL Precinct for the new APL building, Cambridge.


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