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On Friday the 22nd November 2019, the Camex Civil team took a well-deserved team day off. We gathered at the depot at 6.30am for a hot BBQ breakfast. Here we found some of the team were dressed up for the day to make things interesting. After, we hopped onto two buses destined for OffRoad NZ, Rotorua.

At Off Road NZ, we were split into three groups to participate in three activities. These activities consisted of 10 lap go-kart racing, 5 clay clay bird shooting/archery and an adventurous 4wd bush safari. Each group was designated a colour and as a team, we had to work together to come out on top. There were some impressive times set on the go-karts and we discovered many hidden talents amongst the team!

After a busy morning rotating around the activities, we were served a delicious lunch by local Rotorua caterers at the onsite picnic spot. Well done to the Blue team who took out the win for the day.

We’ve just constructed a huge Stormwater retention pond at the Longlands Retirement Village in Matamata.

The Double Stack Cirtex Triton stormwater management system is over 190 meters long with some 271 chambers at double height, the construction was made possible through Camex’s use of the latest GPS technology. We’re told that this is the largest installed in the southern hemisphere using the Triton system.


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